ABNFAH opening for Alien Ant Farm!!!

A Bad Night For A Hero is opening for Alien Ant Farm on August 6th along with some awesome local bands! Tickets are $10 so contact us on Facebook or via email at manta0917@gmail.com to get yours before they sell out! This is going to be a stellar show you do not want to miss!

aaf show

What’s New!?

Oy, I feel really embarrassed about how much I’ve been slacking on the site! I didn’t realize I had put it off for so long and that was really irresponsible of me (Booo). But just so you know, ABNFAH is still going strong, and writing new material. Currently we’re working on recording a single for “Que? So?” and I’m writing/recording a new EP titled “The Long Monday” and it’s being recorded in the style of my solo material.

We just played an awesome show last Thursday, and I’ll be performing a short set at the “NYC or Bust” fundraiser on June 28th, at Imagination Celebration, hosted by Chandler Faith from Sonic Soma! After that ABNFAH returns to the Black Sheep on July 3rd with James and the Rebels, Foxen, Thoz I Guyz, and Out To Dry! Tickets are only $5 and will get you a free download of “I Am The Yeti”, so get yours today!

As for the site, I’ll be trying harder to get into a regular routine of updating, BUT just in case that fails I’m going to attach a twitter feed to the site, so you can still get updates on what we’re doing even if I’m not too active here, and as always you can keep up with us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Reverbnation. We’ll also be selling merch on our Bandcamp soon…

NEW SHOW! Friday January 31st, 2014

Hey guys, don’t forget ABNFAH is perfomring at the 2014 RHZ Awards! Brandon and I will be hosting them as well! Tickets are $3 preshow and $5 at the door so get them while you can! There’s a great lineup, 13 artist booths, and tons of friendly faces, so come on out!


New Show!

Our first show of the year, will be at The Coffee Exchange with Santa Muerte Trio!

We’re playing an acoustic set and premiering new material before the RHZ Awards on Jan 31st! Don’t miss out!

acoustic show - santa muerte

So last Friday I performed at the MAMA Acoustic Idol Finale and competed against 7 other contestants in front of a panel of judges.

The winners were:

1st – Dusty Hughes

2nd – The Rogue Spirits

3rd – Roma Ransom

This morning though I found out I was actually the crowd favorite, so that was pretty cool to hear. There was a lot of love and support during the show and I had good time. Now I can’t wait for Friday’s Halloween Show with my band!

In the meantime, you can check out my performance from the show!

The Boy From The City

Carnival Rides

Next Show: Oct 18th Acoustic Idol Live Finale!

Hey folks, I was recently announced as a finalist in the 2nd Annual Acoustic Idol Awards hosted by MAMA (Mountain Acoustic Music Association) in Woodland Park! The event takes place at the Ute Pass Cultural Center (210 E. Midland Ave, Woodland Park) next weekend on the 18th and its $5 for Adults and free for you “kids” under 18! I’ll be performing solo again and playing my song “The Boy From The City” and a brand new song as well if time is permitting.

The other finalists include: Benji Hobson & Micaela Davidson
Joe Irvin
Elle Reese
Dusty Hughes
The Rogue Spirits
Ray Dio
Roma Ransom
Jason Miller
and Bill Leake

Hope to see you there! -CJ